TMS Features

Below are just some of our features (grouped by stakeholder type) that manufacturers and distributors employ through the Nolan & Cunnings TMS.

P&L Managers

  • Increase customer order visibility
  • Automate shipping documents
  • Track shipments from carriers through a single interface
  • Real-time view of price variances among preferred carriers
  • Measure claims and operational issues
  • Maintain central cost controls over numerous locations
  • Leverage spend to use freight as a profit center
  • Take control of your Inbound and Returns spending
  • Reduce time to invoicing
  • Increase employee efficiency
  • Measure carrier effectiveness
  • Measure vendor compliance


  • Enable carriers, with minimal access to technology, with automated tools
  • Track billing dispute claims and resolutions
  • Batch carrier invoices for export
  • Eliminate manual data entry costs through electronic data transfers

Sales Agents

  • Gain accuracy, eliminate errors through quality rate quotes and better known accessorial charges
  • Easily and effectively use freight as a profit center
  • Eliminate costly customer routed returns

Purchasing Agents

  • Gain real-time visibility to your orders before they leave your suppliers’ dock
  • Purchasing agent can schedule freight from their desktop
  • Know instantly of any changes in Ship Date, Load Status (Quoted, Booked, Dispatched, In-Transit) or Product mix and quantity
  • Track orders within a single interface
  • Your suppliers only require an internet connection
  • You control suppliers access to information and functionality
  • Compare freight allowances from vendors against stated rates
  • Measure vendor compliance with routing instructions/BOL
  • Create and measure performance initiatives with suppliers

Supply Chain & Logistics Managers

  • Capture control and visibility to all of your freight in a single system of record
  • Monitor real-time price variances among preferred carriers
  • Analyze carrier performance
  • Evaluate claims and operational issues
  • Leverage intelligence for negotiating better carrier rates
  • Establish measurable performance initiatives with carriers

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