Transportation Management Software

Many companies recognize that freight affects nearly every aspect of a company’s operations and is typically the 3rd largest cost center of a company. It is unfortunately one of the most difficult operational aspects to control because of variable data and multiple information sources.

Nolan & Cunnings freight software customers enjoy a single system of record that may be a standalone application, but is most often connected with other business systems. N&C connects your carrier/broker relationships through a single system of record that is web native and accessible by secured login from any internet enabled device. Vendors, carriers, customer service, operations, purchasing and executive staff can all share clearly defined views and permission based functionality of your shipping information.

Data normalized into a single database means that it can now be mined as usable information. Performance metrics and compliance measuring are easily captured. You can deliver quantitative feedback to carriers on where they can be more competitive. Nearly every dollar saved in freight goes directly to improving the bottom line.


Stakeholders from every area of your organization will benefit from utilizing our TMS application by gaining real-time visibility of purchase order fulfillment, shipments in transit, customer order cycles and profitability, carrier performance as well as integration to your ERP or WMS systems.

Nolan & Cunnings does this by allowing customized permission sets that are configured to provide access to the screens and information that is needed for each user to effectively perform their assigned responsibilities. Whether it is a P&L Manager that needs to maintain cost controls across multiple locations, a Sales Representative that needs an accurate freight quotation for an order, a Purchasing Agent that is checking the status of what material is on back-order or a Logistics Manager that is monitoring carrier performance, the N&C TMS is the solution to all of your Supply Chain Information needs.

Detailed TMS Features List

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