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A new genre of Logistics Software has finally arrived. The outdated practices of pricing based on annual assumptions and average rates can be replaced with Nolan & Cunnings real-time carrier collaboration software. Through instantaneous logistics information exchange with your freight carriers N&C helps you create more efficient operations, capture instant cost reductions, and deliver unprecedented strategic intelligence.

Nolan & Cunnings provides both Transportation Management Software and TMS Consulting services.


Instead of static rate tables, Nolan & Cunnings logistic software built direct connections to thousands of carriers to deliver hard dollar savings achieved by delivering visibility and control for shippers as well as the carriers.

Manufacturers/Distributors achieve better visibility and control of inbound and outbound shipments. Third-Party Logistics (3PL) companies, freight carriers and even other freight software companies embed N&C’s tools as a better data source than the traditional static table.

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Transportation Management Software

Our web based freight software provides a centralized system of record for freight activity that’s easily shared with stakeholders across company locations, business systems, and among trading partners to deliver unparalleled business intelligence.

Nolan & Cunnings delivers solutions instead of products. We recognize that every company’s transportation requirements are different. Our TMS was designed from the ground up with the flexibility and configurability to deliver the functionality and visibility to your freight movements where and when you need it. N&C hosts a variety of solutions to various roles in the logistics industry.

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For 30 years the freight industry was based on averages and assumptions layered into years-long contracts. With so many unknowns the carriers had to sufficiently pad their pricing to compensate for unprofitable lanes. Nolan & Cunnings (N&C) is changing the industry. Not a broker, nor an agent for any carrier, nor a rate negotiator, we deliver visibility and control through technology solutions that unite shippers and their preferred carriers in a single neutral platform. N&C’s real-time connectivity with client specific carriers enables unparalleled collaboration with service providers to share enormous amounts of business intelligence.

Dynamic and collaborative relationships represent a technology shift in the industry and offer 4 significant cost savings opportunities to the shippers using TMS is the solution.

  • Optimal routing by carrier before every order
  • Refine carrier’s competitive advantages throughout the year
  • Technology advances to create more efficient operations for both carriers and shippers
  • Remove the fat from your carriers’ contracts by mitigating their risk of pricing on an average tariff. N&C enables you to effortlessly support multiple rate bases simultaneously.

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