Freight Auditing

Not all freight audits are built the same! At Nolan & Cunnings, the mode of transportation and the value of the shipment does not matter! Each customer has a dedicated account management team assigned and we analyze every charge on every shipment to ensure not only that the proper rate is being charged by the carrier, but that the shipper requested all accessorial services be performed. This charge level detail is captured and allows each client to examine what truly made up their total freight spend and attack “low hanging fruit” to mitigate those charges and reduce the overall freight spend.

Our custom designed and built rate engine allows Nolan & Cunnings to review every element of each LTL shipment to ensure that the proper rate base, discount, minimum charge, classifications and FAKs, fuel surcharge and all accessorial fees are accurate and billed within the customer defined audit tolerance. Any line items that are found to be outside of the tolerance are flagged, notated within our application and handled in accordance with the business rules established by the client.

Reports detailing any adjustments or questions regarding an invoice are sent to the carriers via email each day with specific information on the issue and what steps need to be taken to correct. Carriers work directly with the assigned account manager on the resolution steps preventing bills from sitting in a suspended status for prolonged periods of time.

As with our LTL audit, our rate engine was designed to provide N&C with the ability to build customer client/carrier profiles that allow rate configurations by one-way, round-trip, milk-run and multi-leg load types. Profiles are able to be established by using all industry standard mileage based rating systems and flat (point-to-point) matrix based rate schedules. All accessorial charges are also verified and audited. For fees that cannot be validated (detention, truck ordered not used, etc), they are placed on our customer resolution portal for review and advice by a designated representative of our customer to ensure accuracy.

Invoices issued by small package carriers are some of the most difficult for any shipper to verify. The Nolan & Cunnings audit process utilizes a robust parcel audit engine that verifies all of your small parcel freight and accessorial services. Our 100% electronic parcel audit process automatically checks every package for service failures (as long as this has not been waived by the shipper) and files a claim with the carrier to ensure that any shipment that did not meet its service commitment is credited back to the customer.

Unlike many other companies that perform parcel audit services, N&C does not operate on any type of gain share agreement for parcel audit findings or service failures. All of the monies recovered through this process are returned or credited back to the client.

Our experienced transportation managers offer all Nolan & Cunnings clients with the most complete, comprehensive audit of domestic and international air freight and all types of ocean freight invoices available in the market. As part of our twenty-plus audit point validations for ocean freight, N&C examines each invoice's container rate, bunker charge, bunker adjustment factor (BAF), automated manifest system (AMS), drayage and many more. Our detailed data entry process captures in excess of one hundred data elements covering every aspect of the invoice and providing actionable data to analyze true shipping cost, build KPIs and reduce international shipping costs.


  • All Modes
  • All Charges
  • Comprehensive Rate Engine
  • Customized Approach
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Extensive Data Capture
  • No Gain Share

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