Freight Management Services

As a pioneer in the Freight Bill Audit and Payment marketplace, Nolan & Cunnings has been providing comprehensive, cost effective and dynamic services to shippers of all sizes since 1920. N&C assists its customers with the management of more than 315 million transactions annually. Throughout our global organization, Nolan & Cunnings processes in excess of $5 billion dollars in freight for our clients each year.

Our customer first, technology driven approach allows clients to receive reports or extract data derived from any of the more than 130 available data elements 24/7 through the Customer Portal on Reports based on GL Coding, Carrier Utilization, Transportation Lanes, Freight Spend and more are only a few clicks away and used for analysis, business intelligence and actionable information to reduce cost and drive process improvements.

Complete Freight Audit Solutions

Unlike many other providers, Nolan & Cunnings performs a complete audit of every charge on every invoice for every mode of transportation. We ensure that not only did the carrier assess the correct rate for each line item, but that the shipper requested that the service be performed.

Nolan & Cunnings services pay for themselves many times over with most customers realizing an annual cost avoidance of 3% – 5% of their total freight spend. We do this through our multi-layer duplicate protection screening process, verifying guaranteed services, validating payment terms, implementing shipment file match pay systems among many other processes that make N&C’s pre-payment screening process second to none in the industry.

Studies published annually by independent trade publications and in cooperation with shipper associations have shown that it costs a company that “in sources” or pays freight bills directly up to $14 per invoice to complete a payment. These same studies have illustrated that most shippers do not have the tools or expertise to perform a comprehensive audit of a freight bill internally. Why would any company do this when they could partner with Nolan & Cunnings and for a fraction of the cost, receive a complete audit and have access to unprecedented data and reports?

Freight Auditing Freight Payment


  • Audit Every Charge
  • Audit Every Freight Bill
  • Audit Every Mode
  • Multi-Layer Duplicate Protection
  • Unparalleled Data Availability
  • Verify That Guaranteed Service Commitments Are Met
  • Verify That Services Are Requested

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