Supply Chain Consulting

Nolan & Cunnings and Supply Chain Guru® Provide Shippers With The Tools, Technology and Data to Answer the Most Complex Supply Chain Question: “What if?”

Design and Optimize Your Supply Chain

Nolan & Cunnings and Supply Chain Guru offers multiple options for finding hidden inefficiencies in the supply chain. Models contain SKU level detail, run across multiple time periods and incorporate end-to-end supply chain components including transportation and sourcing costs and policies, network structure, service level and operational details.

Model Different Inventory Options

Inventory and capacity modeling enables analysts to create accurate models across all echelons of the supply chain, so the lowest-cost operation plan with minimum safety stock can be identified. Customers can also simulate operations to predict service rates, inventory labels and site capacity constraints for any hypothetical supply chain structure.

Analyze Cost to Serve

Supply Chain Guru is adept at modeling all supply chain activities and costs incurred to fulfill customer demand. Pricing, inventory quantities and distribution methods can be analyzed and adjusted. Supply chain executives gain insight into the cost-to-serve and margin-to-serve at the customer SKU level for both existing and alternative networks.

Optimize Product Flow

Analyze how SKU-level products flow along the transportation lanes, through distribution centers and on to your customers. Nolan & Cunnings can help you determine which products should be shipped via air, rail or truck and the appropriate distribution path to meet service levels while minimizing transportation costs.

Transportation Modeling

Take a holistic view when modeling alternate transportation options with key variables such as cost, time, capacity and delivery parameters. Create optimal transportation plans based on total cost and service constraints. The system will also help determine the optimal number and location of transportation assets.

Sales and Operations Planning

S&OP can be a key driver for improving resource utilization and maximizing return on assets. Optimization of very large models can be performed quickly and easily, and S&OP is easily integrated with disparate data sources throughout any enterprise.

Merger and Acquisition Rationalization

Model competing supply chains, evaluate their relative strengths, examine alternative structures, optimize the proposed new network and simulate multiple scenarios in order to predict the resulting financial and operational performance of a merged or divested enterprise. Transportation lanes, inventory strategies and greenfield facility options can be optimized for a post-merger supply chain.

Optimize to Lowest Landed Cost

Identify the lowest total landed cost for each product in the network, from suppliers through to end customers. Alternative demand scenarios can be evaluated to determine the sensitivity of different supply chain designs to demand forecast variability. These models also provide a unique product-flow optimization using Llamasoft’s proprietary product decomposition algorithm, which enables the optimization of individual SKU flow-paths, even with thousands of individual part numbers.

Risk Analysis and Contingency Planning

Identify alternate sources, routes, transportation modes or product processes that may be required during supply chain disruptions. Analysts can introduce disruptive events or supplier uncertainty into the model to get a better understanding of the robustness of their supply chain. The integrated simulation functionality identifies both physical and financial risks (or rewards) of various network scenarios by revealing the effects of irregular network capacity during short or long-term emergencies.

Improve Strategic Sourcing

Now shippers can define and quantify alternatives to support their business strategy. Cost vs. time, inventory vs. service, fixed cost vs. variable costs; Supply Chain Guru’s unique technology models the entire supply chain network to determine how sourcing decisions will affect business as a whole.


  • Network Optimization
  • Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization
  • Product Flow-Path Optimization
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Modeling
  • Discrete Event Simulation
  • Data Integration, Data Editing and Error Checking
  • Visualization and Reporting Tools

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