Consulting Services

Our professional consultants can provide Nolan & Cunnings customers a comprehensive analysis of their entire global supply chain and identify opportunities to improve service and reduce cost across the entire enterprise.

Using the powerful tools available through our partner, Ann Arbor, MI based Llamasoft, your consultant will gather and combine information from the N&C freight bill audit and payment system, purchasing data, manufacturing information and sales details to provide you with unprecedented visibility and control over your networks, suppliers, inventory and true cost of sales information.

Nolan & Cunnings consultants utilize Transportation Guru™ , Supply Chain Guru© and other best-in-class supply chain analysis, optimization and simulation tools to enable shippers around the globe to continuously improve their end-to-end transportation network, optimize supply chain efficiencies, and quickly adapt to business changes to stay ahead of the competitive curve.

Transportation Consulting

The Transportation Guru™ application, available through Nolan & Cunnings, is the only application that gives supply chain designers the tools to integrate network design and transportation routing. By designing with these integrated technologies, users are able to:

  • Simulate near-term cost and service improvements to existing transportation operations
  • Identify longer-term strategic improvements to the global transportation network
  • Run continuous what-if analysis of new strategies, disruptions, constraints and business challenges

The Transportation Guru design engine includes a wide range of analysis techniques, enabling users to identify optimal DC-to-customer assignments, determine the ideal mode mix, create optimal multi-stop delivery or pick-up routes, determine the best utilization of assets, evaluate driver work schedules, or even perform service-based greenfield analysis.

Supply Chain Consulting

Nolan & Cunnings offers clients access to the Leading Supply Chain Design and Analysis Application! Supply Chain Guru© enables shippers the ability to understand the answers to most "what-if?" questions through modeling, optimizing and simulating their supply chain network. You can design alternatives and explore the service, performance, costs and risks associated with change. All within a single integrated software platform.

Intuitive User Interface

Supply Chain Guru features the Visual Modeler to make the network set up easy and intuitive. Project Navigator allows you to quickly move from scenario to scenario or model to model. Reporting is quick and easy, in a variety of maps, graphs and charts.

Supply Chain Intelligence Database

The system includes auto deployment of Microsoft® Access® or Microsoft SQL Server®. It holds product data as well as demand, transportation, sourcing, inventory and production attributes. Supply Chain Guru supports the use of Esri, Bing, PC*MILER and nearly every other mapping provider.

Design Engine

The Design Engine contains multiple integrated solvers--operations research algorithms-- that perform network, product flow, cost-to-serve, inventory and transportation optimizations as well as greenfield and demand analysis. Enterprise simulation allows designs to be simulated and validated under real world constraints.

Scenario Management

Test multiple inputs quickly, without copying, pasting and running several models individually. Scenarios allow users to input a range of values for a particular field, such as service level, transportation cost or production capacity and then automatically run an optimization or simulation. Scenario results are consolidated into a single database for ease of analysis. Future data updates are also far simpler as only a single data set needs to be updated.

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