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An Industry Leader in Freight Auditing, Payment and Accounting Since 1920

Nolan & Cunnings (N&C) provides shippers of all sizes a best-in-class service to ensure each load is validated, audited and reported on. Every shipment is checked to ensure it is tendered in the proper mode, to the correct carrier and then every charge on the invoice is audited to enforce all of the contracted terms-and-conditions.

Customers working with N&C for freight audit typically realize a 3% – 5% cost avoidance on their annual freight spend.

Our cloud based Transportation Management System (TMS) offers shippers the opportunity to reduce their freight spend by as much as 20%.

Learn how N&C can help you reduce costs with our TMS Solution

Through strategic partnerships, Nolan & Cunnings offers our customers worldwide the ability to redesign and improve their supply chain operations.

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